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Global Sourcing

We provide global manufacturing access without the vulnerability of the unknown!

If your company has been interested in tapping into the cost saving manufacturing benefits of global sourcing, but you have been wary of navigating the regulatory, quality assurance and logistics hurdles inherent in foreign supply, there is a proven solution.

We are IMC America, a division of Ferralloy, Inc.

As a global manufacturing management company with more than 15 years of experience in foreign manufacturing, we apply American management expertise to this complicated and often risky process. We have operated our own facility in China since 2001 and have since developed a proven system of how to successfully navigate these waters. Our business model focuses on identifying qualified, process specific manufacturers and performing site visits and audits. We then thoroughly analyze audit results to determine a supplier’s strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, we confirm process capabilities, competency and readiness to provide manufactured components which will meet exact product specifications. Each of these factors are carefully examined before moving ahead with any commercial transactions.

The site audits also take into consideration everything from financial strength, experience in the industry, quality systems, to labor force stability and housekeeping. Once a supplier is deemed “qualified” they are matched with the specific requirement(s) of our customer. We manage costs, inspection, packaging and all logistics from ‘cradle to grave’ ensuring the product you receive meets your requirements and is delivered on-time and within budget.

Our network of high quality, low cost producers coupled with our own quality assurance and management skill allows you to take advantage of low-cost labor region pricing with the added assurance of knowing that your expectations will be met.

Global Sourcing